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    Awning Windows

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do awning windows open in or out?

    Awning windows open upwards from the bottom, allowing for increased ventilation while maintaining privacy.

    What is the disadvantage of awning windows?

    While awning windows offer numerous benefits, one potential disadvantage is that they may only be suitable for some architectural styles. We are always happy to help you decide which window style will suit your property and your desired aesthetic.

    Is an awning window better than a casement window?

    The choice between awning and casement windows depends on factors such as style preferences, the desired opening mechanism, and the specific requirements of your space. Our expert team can guide you in making the right decision of window type for your home.

    Can awning windows be installed in bathrooms?

    Yes, awning windows are an excellent choice for bathrooms. Their top-hinged design allows for ventilation while maintaining privacy, making them ideal for spaces where both fresh air and discretion are essential.

    Are awning windows suitable for tight spaces?

    Absolutely. Awning windows are particularly well-suited for tight spaces where a traditional swinging window might be impractical. Their outward-opening mechanism provides excellent ventilation without encroaching on interior or exterior spaces.

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